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georgia kay

GEORGIA KAY, a singer-songwriter hailing from Sydney, Australia, has been passionate about music from a very young age. She began taking vocal and guitar lessons at the age of seven. By sixteen, she had her first local gig, which paved the way for numerous performances at weddings, christenings, and local events.


At seventeen, Georgia connected with Chris Sebastian, a current season contestant on The Voice, who became her mentor and produced her catchy singles "Say It's Over" (2019),  "In Your Arms" (2020) and "City Dreams" (2020).


Georgia's music, characterised by a pop style infused with a country 'twang,' is deeply influenced by Dan + Shay, particularly their emotive lyrics and pop-country sound. She not only delivers mesmerising songs and covers but also weaves captivating storytelling through her music, enchanting audiences across Sydney and beyond.

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